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Last night I took part in a beautiful event that has been celebrated around the world for thousands of years symbolizing the release and cleansing of the old ways and welcoming in new beginnings. There is no coincidence that I am writing this message to you on this morning after. The sun is just beginning to shine upon my face as I watch the waves of the ocean continue their dance with the shoreline. What has always fascinated me is the mystery of the long journey each wave has traveled to arrive at this present time and place. Where was this same water one year ago? Or ten? Even one hundred or a thousand? Just like the waters of the oceans, life is a continuously moving and evolving journey, filled with countless adventures to experience, challenges to resolve, lessons to learn and transformations to complete.

What occurred within the past is simply that: it has passed on. It is a historical record of the things that form all the qualities of who we presently are. We can never decide where we have come from, or what kind of person we have been. We cannot change the circumstances (both good and bad) that have brought us to this current time and place. But within every moment we have the ability to decide how we will proceed in our lives and who it is we are to become. To stay the course, or make a transformation. For me, even though I have written thousands of poems over twenty five years, I have only shared my words with family and close friends. Until now.

I would like to thank you for deciding to visit, for I simply place myself here as a guide -- to take you to places you may have never been, to places you have always wanted to go, or to enhance the places where you already are. My deepest intention is to have the opportunity to move you, to inspire you, to touch parts of your spirit you may or may not know existed. To enable you to communicate with those in your life in a way you may or may not have been able to before. For you to sense the feeling of hope and love that is both pure and true. For you to sense life. To feel. To share with you words that may change your life, or simply make you think just a little differently. Or maybe fall deeper into love.

How long we share this relationship together is, at the moment, unknown. It may be only a few minutes, or possibly a few months. Several years, or maybe even a lifetime. I guess we’ll know once we get there. Thank you for being a part of my life and allowing me the privilege to be part of yours.

As I sit here, the warming sun is shining brighter than ever, knowing I am beginning to fulfill my dream of sharing the poetry I have written over the years – sharing my poetry for you. It is time for this transformation. It is time for this new beginning...

Moorea, California 5/19/00

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